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Our Story

     Trinity Anglican Church opened in 1863. It was not the beginning of the Anglican church in this area, but it was certainly quite early in its history. The Church of England came to what is now Ontario with the surge of the United Empire Loyalists, following the American revolution and settlers arrived wherever there were population pockets.   Around 1809, Westminster Township area began to be settled. By the middle of the century, what is now Lambeth came to be known as "The Junction" because of the intersection of major roads at that location, but in April 1857, the post office was re-named "Lambeth."

     Jeremiah Schram was one of the first settlers in the area.  A Loyalist born in 1761, in his will left an acre of land as a cemetery and for the building of a " of public Worship to any denomination of people professing Christianity conformable to the Church of England." Schram passed away on November 10, 1826, making that provision for what would eventually become Trinity Church, but with a cemetery open to all people of any denomination.

     The community quickly filled in around Lambeth, and by the 1840s there was the basis of a community at the "Junction." In 1857, the Diocese of Toronto was split in two, leaving this area as part of the new Diocese of Huron. Its first bishop was Benjamin Cronyn. The very next year, Cronyn ordained the Rev'd Thomas Hughes to Lambeth. It was three priests later that the Rev'd Alexander Potts was appointed as rector, and it was he who oversaw the building of the first church on Schram's land. In October 1863, the Ven. Isaac Hellmuth, Archdeacon of Huron and Principal of Huron Seminary officially opened Trinity Lambeth for worship. Bishop Cronyn consecrated the church the following winter.

     Progress continued. A church hall was built adjacent to the church, and opened in 1949, and in 1962 while the church was being rebuilt and refurbished, that is where services were held. In 1972-73, the old burying ground was completely restored. In the '60s, a narthex was added to welcome worshippers and in 1985 a carved oak reredos was installed behind the altar. When St. David's church closed in 1986, its 1949 organ was moved to Trinity and installed here. It is still in use today.

     Trinity continues in Lambeth decades later. The community has grown, but like many churches in this new millennium, Trinity had shrunk.  However the congregation today is deeply committed and capable and working to restore the strength of the Anglican community in Lambeth and we have grown significantly in the last few years, including some younger families. 

     With God's help, it should all work out well!

        Compiled with thanks to the Rev'd Canon David George Bowyer, Rector 1982- 1994 and author of Trinity's 125th anniversary history. 

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